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Donate To Newberry Habitat

A Sound Investment in a Family’s Future

Did you know that when you donate to Newberry Habitat your gift does much more than help families escape from unsafe, unhealthy living conditions?

When you donate to Newberry Habitat, you’re helping families to break the cycle of poverty and build long-term financial security. Newberry Habitat’s affordable, no-profit house payments free up money for food, child care, medicine and other necessities. And research has shown that decent housing improves health, increases children’s educational achievement and strengthens community ties.

Thanks to your support, Habitat is transforming the lives of more than 3 million people around the world!

Your donation is very, very important to us. Southern Deschutes County is one of the most economically depressed areas in Oregon.

It is an area where sub-standard housing, poverty and homelessness are growing at an alarming rate. Currently, Newberry HFH is one of the few organizations concentrating on these issues in this area. Please partner with us so together we can make a difference.

There is no donation too small … there is no donation too large. Every Habitat house starts with a penny that buys a nail that nails a board that builds a wall that makes a house that joins a community that can erradicate sub-standard housing and homelessness in southern Deschutes County. Please give us as many of those nails as you can spare.

There are several ways to donate to Newberry Habitat For Humanity:

1) Donate Online: Clicking this link will open the SECURE donation page on the National Habitat website. On the left side of that page is a box that says ‘Designate Your Gift’. Click that and enter ‘Newberry HFH’ in the ‘Affiliate Name’ box. 100% of your gift will come directly to Newberry Habitat.

2) Download Donation Form: This option allows you to download and print a donation form in .pdf format that may then be filled in and mailed to Newberry Habitat at the address shown on the ‘Contact’ page of our website.

3) You may also contact our Executive Director, Dwane Krumme, by phone at (541) 593-5005 or by e-mail and he will personally arrange for your donation.

Dwane Krumme, Executive Director, NHFH