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La Pine Newberry Habitat Hosts Hopeful Homeowners In Packed House

La Pine Newberry Habitat Hosts Hopeful Homeowners In Packed House



Story By T. Myers

La Pine Newberry Habitat Hosts Hopeful Homeowners In Packed House on Thursday night.

Dozens of hopeful residents came to learn about Newberry Habitat for Humanity’s homeowner’s program at a Seminar held on Thursday night at the JCJ Building behind the Library. Habitat Experts explained the program, current homeowners shared their own stories and packets that included an application and basic information were passed out to each interested party.

Newberry Habitat organizer, Paul Revere told the full room of interested people, “When we have qualified homeowners waiting for a chance at one of the Habitat homes, it is easier to raise money for our building projects. The more we need to house, the more we will house!”

Local affiliate Executive Director worked with volunteer coordinator, Dan Varcoe and ReStore Manager, Rolando Alonzo to put on the packed event.

“We have been working hard to get the word out in the community that this opportunity is waiting for people to apply and qualify to be Habitat Homeowners,” Varcoe explained.

Rolando Alonzo is one of the Habitat house recipients from several years ago and he was joined by the Slavens and the newest homeowner Kelly Butler to tell their stories of how they were able to work through the process, do the 400 hours of sweat equity work, save money through a very special program for potential buyers that triples the amount of money that new homeowners deposit into a savings account and tales that stated across the board that each one of the recipients had different lives because of being a Habitat home owner.

One of the financial advisors to the affiliate went through the simple process of what happens when a person applies and there was time for questions and answers from the audience and experts.

Dick Arnold, Newberry Habitat Board President and several board members were in attendance. The excitement generated by Mike Jensen’s short film, the presentations and the answers that made the program clear to everyone in the room looks like Newberry Habitat for Humanity will have plenty to do raising money for the many potential homeowners that were in attendance for the Seminar.

There will be more gatherings in the future to offer the facts and make an opportunity for others to apply to the Habitat for Humanity Homeowner’s Program. In the meantime, there are applications available in the Sunriver office across from the school and at the La Pine ReStore so that you can fill them out and return them for consideration as soon as possible. Habitat makes the American Dream come true! Try for a piece of the dream for yourself right now! WWW: or Dan Varcoe Phone 541-771-9177.

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