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La Pine Newberry Habitat makes American Dreams Come True!

Newberry Habitat makes American Dreams Come True!

When you grow up in America, there are expectations of how your life will unfold. It used to be simple. If you were a hard worker, you would buy a little house, get married, raise a family and retire where you lived and worked. We all grew up looking forward to the day when we would own our own home and live that dream.

During the past few years, (after 2007), it became clear that home ownership is beyond many of us who might be hard workers with regular jobs, but without the wages that it takes to save up for a down payment so we can realize our dreams. Some of us may have been married and had two incomes, but find ourselves single with a list of bills to pay. Others may be starting out and we have no idea what it takes to get a home we can call our own!

NHFH Radio Appearance 006Enter Newberry Habitat for Humanity! La Pine Newberry Habitat is a local La Pine-Sunriver organization that builds dreams for people who qualify for their homeowner’s program. And they are expanding their program to build more houses. (They already have 22 homes in La Pine and want to put applicants in more houses of their own.)

Next Thursday night, January 23rd, at the little blue building behind the Library called the John C Johnson building, the Newberry HFH is hosting a seminar where lots of people who have ‘the dream’ can learn how to apply to the local affiliate to become a real homeowner.

They will go through the application process and discuss what it will take to qualify for this wonderful program. You will have an opportunity to talk with current homeowners and you might walk away from the 7 PM meeting with a new lease on life and be on the road to reaching your goal of home ownership.

It is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is interested. Thursday Night, 7 PM at the JCJ bldg. For info call Dan Varcoe at 541-771-9177. You can also get info at our website:

www: The ReStore is open Tuesday- Saturday 9:30-5:30 and they also have packets.

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