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La Pine’s Mayor Supports Newberry Habitat for Humanity

La Pine’s Mayor Mulenex is first in line to support Newberry Habitat for Humanity

By T. Myers

At the recent groundbreaking ceremonies for the two homes that are being built in La Pine by Newberry Habitat for Humanity, La Pine’s Mayor, Ken Mulenex was front and Mayor-Mulenex-Involved-in-a-big-way-002center to add his support to the event.

“I believe strongly that this is the right thing for a mayor to do,” Mulenex stated. “It makes the community stronger when people come together to help each other and I’m there to help in that effort because it’s the right thing to do. It also shows that they are being represented. It helps the community and the people involved deserve to be represented. Residents need to know that I am there for them- and this is a small part of what I try to do.”

Mulenex, a Newberry Habitat Board member for several years now, serves because it connects the City of La Pine in a way that helps bring new families to the city as residents and homeowners. Mulenex is ever present at many Habitat events, fundraisers and has even been seen to help clear the lots at the job site where the two homes are going up. Besides that, his passion for cleaning up the City of La Pine at the annual City Clean-up and Let’s Pull Together events every June he brings in the Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Cadets of Bend, Oregon to help clean up the un-built & overgrown areas of the Habitat housing parks. Mayor Mulenex is personally responsible for that great effort and he makes sure that the young cadets know that their help goes a long way to making those Habitat parks a nicer place to live and play.

“What we do with the Habitat for Humanity program is a very important part of building the city,” Mayor Mulenex went on. “Every time we are able to make a difference in the lives of our residents it helps us all.”

Mayor Mulenex is involved with several organizations in La Pine and he makes a point of being present at Chamber of Commerce gatherings. He said that so much happens there that makes this community better and moves the city forward that you just can’t miss it. The mayor also works with Oregon Small Cities Mayoral Association, representing the City statewide. During Frontier Days you can meet him while he serves up steak and eggs at the Woodcutter’s Breakfast, or watch him take on Commissioner Tony DeBone during the woodcutter’s contests that follow, and if you are lucky, you might see him at the homebrew contest. He is an avid hobbyist who loves Dutch oven cooking, camping and family life with his wife Vicki.

Habitat wants to thank Mayor Ken Mulenex for his contributions to the Newberry Habitat affiliate in Sunriver/La Pine. For more information about what Newberry Habitat does locally go online to the Website: . We invite you to volunteer today!

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