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La Pine’s Midstate Electric Coop GM Is A Habitat Volunteer

La Pine’s Midstate General Manager, Dave Schneider is a Habitat volunteer!

When it comes to volunteering at Newberry Habitat for Humanity, even the busiest people in town consider making time to lend a hand! Dave Schneider, the new General Manager at DAve-Schneider-from-Midstate-002Midstate Electric actually was involved with Newberry Habitat builds 15 years ago in La Pine. As a volunteer on two different homes, he wielded a hammer and worked on several parts of the builds. He volunteered again on a special project in Tennessee!

Recently, Schneider and his wife Lori went back to Tennessee for a big national energy conference one of the activities they signed up for was Habitat house builds! About 100 energy executives arrived on the site of two homes and did the finish work on one to complete it and put up another home in one day with everything but the finish work done! 2 Houses- 1 Day!

During the conference activity, the men and women attending the conference were bussed forty minutes to the site, put on their hard hats and tee-shirts and were assigned different jobs to match their skill levels. They started on the Home #2 subfloors, added walls and windows, trusses and the roof before the day was done. The other home #1 was finished completely. (See the link to pictures of the Tennessee project)-

“With 100 people working on the two Habitat homes,” Schneider explained, “the work went quickly. It was great,” Schneider went on. “We loved it. We would do it again!”

Here in La Pine, Dave and his family make donations of gently used items to the ReStore and he will look at doing some Habitat work in the future. (Did you know that the La Pine ReStore is open six days a week from 9:30 to 5 PM?)

“Running the Midstate Co-op is great,” Schneider explained. He has added some new services that boost communication and allow the members to be more interactive with their accounts. For information, you can go online or call in at 541-536-2621 to discover what Midstate is doing to help you manage energy in your homes. Schneider invites all of the coop members to come to the annual meeting on May 10th at the La Pine Middle School. Dave has worked for Midstate for years and served as the CFO/accountant for Dave Kopacz. Schneider is celebrating his first anniversary as the new GM. It is not all about accounting, though, Dave has an interesting background. He worked his way through college at Chico State as a boat mechanic and he received his degree in Business Administration. Locally, his two daughters went through the La Pine school system and are in college. Both of them were their class valedictorians!

If you would like to get busy and volunteer your time for a Newberry Habitat build call Dan Varcoe at 541-771-9177

Take a look at how you can build La Pine one house at a time!

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