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Meet Kelly Butler – New Newberry Habitat Homeowner In La Pine

New Newberry Habitat Homeowner In La Pine

The latest Newberry Habitat project in La Pine got a big boost with a new You Tube video presentation where the latest housing recipient, Kelly Butler, is able to tell video viewers what the process of applying and qualifying for a Newberry Habitat Home is all about. More importantly she talked about the changes that she has made in her family because of her good fortune and hard work.

New Homeowner, Kelly Butler

New Homeowner, Kelly Butler

Ms. Butler addresses what it is like to go through the steps towards home ownership. She explains how she worked with Newberry Habitat for Humanity volunteers during the entire process and that they are still there working beside her now! She never felt alone, and although there was a lot to do in terms of providing information, giving references, attending home-owner classes to learn about what a good homeowner needs to do (covering everything from budgeting and savings plans to planning menus to save money), she is in the sweat equity part of her contribution to the program. (All Habitat Homeowners contribute work in the building of their homes and the entire family can help to achieve the 400 hours that are needed to complete the build.)

“Nothing is just given to applicants,” Ms. Butler explained. “Newberry Habitat for Humanity gives you a hand up, not a hand out.” She went on to explain that she is now realizing her dream of owning her own home and creating a stable environment for her small family in a community where she wants to live and raise her son. “I feel excited and grateful for this opportunity and look forward to staying involved with the Habitat program in the future.”

Ms. Butler will add her name to the list of new homeowners in La Pine and become part of a group of people that will continue to support each other and the community of La Pine.

Mike Jensen, President/CEO of JensenOne Marketing & Photography works to record Kelly Butler's video.

Mike Jensen, President/CEO of JensenOne Marketing & Photography works to record Kelly Butler’s video.

Check out Kelly Butler’s video on You Tube. Just one look at this perky single mom and a quick listen to her interview will show you why this is such a successful program! (Local photographer, Mike Jensen, from JensenOne Marketing & Photography, worked to film, edit and present the video for You Tube and will be working on future projects for the local affiliate.)

Newberry Habitat for Humanity invites all interested parties to explore the housing program. You can start the process by filling out a two page application that is available at the La Pine ReStore at the counter. You can also ask Rolando Alonzo, the ReStore Manager, to explain the program in depth, as he is also a Newberry Habitat homeowner! The store hours are Tuesday- Saturday from 9:30-5:30. If you are interested in volunteering for Habitat you can call Dan Varcoe at 541-771-9177, too.

Newberry Habitat for Humanity works in La Pine and Sunriver. The office is in the Sunriver business park and you can contact the main office for information by calling 541-593-5005.