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Newberry Habitat Helps Keep Housing Affordable In La Pine

Habitat does Community Outreach with Local Family in La Pine

Patti Delk

Patti Delk

When a local La Pine woman, Patti Delk, heard about the Habitat for Humanity program that offers low cost loans to homeowners who need major or minor repairs that affect the health and well-being of the family, she contacted the Sunriver office to see how the program worked. When she related her personal story, it did not take long for the project to be approved and Steve Krebs, Newberry Habitat’s in house General Contractor, to consider how NHFH (Newberry Habitat for Humanity) would be able to assist the Delk family.

Most of these projects are smaller. It can be as simple as putting in a ramp for a wheelchair or as massive as rebuilding floors, re-plumbing, rewiring, reroofing or painting the exterior! In the case of Ms. Delk and her family, her 50 year old home/cabin needed to have repairs to the ‘only bathroom’ she has and Habitat approved the work. Please know that the projects are awarded to locals in the La Pine/Sunriver area through our Newberry Habitat Office.

The program exists to help folks who have serious problems, (although the repairs do not need to be major because one minor problem can affect the health and well-being of a family), like leaky roofs, mold or mildew, structural problems and other conditions that need to be corrected in order for the family to continue to live in a safe and habitable home. (After all- that is what Habitat for Humanity is all about! We are in the business of providing safe and sound homes for people in the community.) When a person applies to be helped, Habitat assesses the situation and determines the costs involved and then, once the financial arrangements are made with the family, work begins.

Steve Krebs has been working on the project and it is near completion. He was able to replace the old shower and clear the home of the deteriorating under structure and now theContractor,-Steve-Krebs-puts-final-touches-on-the-job-for-the-Delk-familyhomeowner can use the space and feel safe about the floor, the fact that the bathroom is free of mold and it now has a shower stall that is clean and new!

If you are interested in finding out about the Habitat for Humanity special home repair program, please contact Dwane Krumme at the Sunriver office (541-593-5005), or stop in at the La Pine ReStore for a chat with manager, Rolando Alonzo to see about getting an application. The Website is a great place to start. You can also find out about donating your time as a volunteer (call Dan Varcoe at 541-771-9177) for home builds or how to donate money or gently us

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