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Newberry Habitat In La Pine Names New Volunteer Coordinator

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Volunteer Director Dan Varcoe

New Volunteer Coordinator for Newberry Habitat for Humanity in La Pine, Dan Varcoe (former Chamber of Commerce Executive Director) is excited and passionate about his new job with the local La Pine Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

Located in Sunriver the NHFH administrative offices and in La Pine for the retail outlet, (the ReStore), Dan adds a new La Pine face to the list of committed staff and volunteers that are already involved with the growing organization.

Dan brings lots of experience to the position. “My personal experience with Habitat for humanity goes back to when I was selling Real Estate in Bend in the early nineties,” Dan explained. Dan was a Realtor for 25 years. “The local companies would organize groups of Realtors to help on the Habitat builds and since I was the President of the Central Oregon Realtor Association, I would often be the coordinator for their participation in those local builds.”

It was not rocket science to Dan to recognize the value of building affordable homes for families because everything he pledged to do as a Realtor was the very ethic that Habitat for Humanity put forward in its program to give families home ownership in a community where they lived so they could raise their families and build communities together. “Everything in America is tied to the land that we own,” Dan told me. “It gives us stability and we can commit to raising our families in our homes because we own our homes and the land they sit on. It is the American Dream.”

Habitat encourages families that want to be homeowners who are involved in their communities to apply to qualify for these wonderful opportunities of home ownership. Dan will now be part of the process of finding volunteers, teaching about the Newberry Habitat for Humanity programs and encouraging the growth of friendship and leadership that is taking place in South County between Sunriver and La Pine through the local Habitat affiliate. “The job will be much easier because the local Newberry Habitat for Humanity has such a great reputation for building community relations!”

When asked if he has a mission, Dan explained, “I want to share the value that Newberry Habitat in La Pine brings to the community and how volunteering for an organization as important as NHFH is to South County will only help our community be a better place to be.”

Dan wants to involve you in the projects he has in La Pine. “Please keep people that you have in mind that would make good volunteers for Newberry Habitat and encourage them to get involved. It is as easy as giving me a call at 541-771-9177.”

Dan thanks the many people that make this organization possible: Rolando Alonzo, ReStore Manager, Dwane Krumme, NHFH Executive Director, Steve Krebs the new General Contractor for Habitat Builds, the Habitat Board of Directors and the many volunteers who are already part of Newberry Habitat and he looks forward to working with them to grow the organization!

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