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Newberry Habitat Selects The Doyles

We first met Mr. and Mrs. Doyle at the Homeowner Workshop back in January. That evening, Newberry Habitat was courting potential new applicants to the Habitat Homeowner’s Program in order to tout the wonderful opportunities that Habitat affords the qualified applicants in the affordable housing program.
That evening everyone at the workshop learned about what the applicants do to get qualified and they heard the stories from local homeowners who are already living their dream of having a home of their own.Women Build Doyle Daughters pics 015
Habitat believes that people should be able to live in a safe home. What is safety? It is a warm, clean, comfortable environment with energy efficient building techniques, doors and windows that meet high energy standards, heating systems that are highly efficient, the greenest possible appliances and green designs for the buildings. Part of the screening is about finding a good fit for the families that are chosen based on a long list of carefully considered options.
The Doyles left that January evening with a new goal and a new dream in mind. They saw the potential for realizing their dream of homeownership. And, they applied. So much has happened since their first application and they continue to work through the process.
By the Women Build Week in May (3rd-11th), the Doyle family was thoroughly invested in the process of finishing their qualifying program. They had been attending required classes, furnishing the information requested by the homeowner committee, and they were ready to begin work on the new homes that are being built this year!
The Doyles showed up en masse to help with fencing the new lot. Since it is a Women Build, Chris Doyle did things like help with clearing the lots while Angela and a sister, a mother and two daughters worked to measure, cut and put up fence boards around the perimeter! A brother in law was there to support the multi-generational family members do the work that will allow them to move into a new home of their own
Women Build Doyle Family Generations pics 013The Doyles, like all applicants will be doing 400 hours of in-kind work as part of their qualifying process. Chris, the computer consultant, and Angela, the homemaker, will be leading their family through the next few months to complete the many tasks that they must perform, as they meet their goals. Like other Habitat Homeowner qualifiers, they will be working on any and all Habitat builds and projects while they complete their home and hopefully as representatives of the program in the years to come!
“We are so excited about being in this new neighborhood,” Angela told us. “We look forward to being part of a community that will watch out for each other.”
The rather introspective Chris Doyle added, “Every day will bring us one step closer to our homeownership goal and we are proud to represent Newberry Habitat.”
For more information about the program call the main office, 541-593-5005 or stop by the La Pine ReStore for an application or information! Website:

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