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Newberry Women Build Two

By T. Myers

Put on the bright red shirts and get busy!

28 volunteers began the process of building homes for two families in La Pine through the Newberry Habitat for Humanity Homeowner’s program on May 3rd at the Terry Park home sites!

It was a clear crisp day for working outside to begin the two builds. Volunteers who have worked before and new Women Build pics 001volunteers joined force to put up the perimeter fencing that traditionally marks the lots for the new homes. On April 25th and 26th early volunteers worked with General Contractor, Steve Krebs to get the posts and rails in place and when the ladies showed up for the build on Saturday, they were tasked with cutting and putting up the fence line. This year they are building the first element around two city lots for two separate projects and stopping only for a short break for lunch midday, the many volunteers worked tirelessly into late afternoon to do the bulk of the project so that work can start on schedule in a few weeks after the foundations are poured and ready to frame. The rest of the fence line will be completed around the perimeter on May 17th. The center line will go in towards the end of the process so the contractors have full access to the lots while the homes are built.

Each year, the National Habitat for Humanity affiliates sponsor what is called Women Build events across the country. It is actually a week- long celebration (May3-11th) of the contribution of all of the women who volunteer to build homes for Habitat families everywhere. La Pine is starting home#22 and #23 this year and they are fundraising through the retail sales at La Pine ReStore and taking donations to make these dreams into realities.

If you would like to make a contribution of volunteering to work at the home sites, donate money, go to the local ReStore to do some shopping or even donate gently used items to be sold at the ReStore, you can make a difference by contacting, Dan Varcoe, Volunteer coordinator in La Pine at 541-771-9177, or call the main office at 541-593-5005 and of course get information 24 hours a day on the Newberry habitat Website: Get involved today to make a difference tomorrow!

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