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Newberry Habitat Announces ReStore Capital Campaign Update

Newberry Habitat Announces ReStore Capital Campaign Update

We’re pleased to share with you some very positive updates on our Newberry Habitat ReStore Capital Campaign.  As we approach November 1st, we have passed the halfway mark toward reaching our $240,000 goal.  Thanks to the wonderful response of over 40 pledges and gifts, we are now at $121,000.  We have received numerous verbal commitments that will soon be added to this total.  That’s the good news.  However, we still have more work to do.  If you have friends or associates whom you think might be interested in helping us reach our $240,000 goal, please let us know.  Just contact the Habitat office at 541-593-5005 or and we will contact them.

As a side note, we will be dedicating our 22nd home in mid-November and hope that you can join us for this very inspiring event.  Once a firm date has been established, you will receive a personal invitation.

In closing, we would like to thank the following donors who have made it possible to surpass the halfway mark in our campaign.


Dennis & Julie Kampfer                                 Sandy Young                                      Charles Putney

Rex Lesueur                                                       Wayne & Phyllis Duncan               Ken & Vicki Mulenex

Ted & Joan Haynes                                          Wendell & Betsy White                 Carol & Gordon Brewer

James & Marcia Schonlau                             Robert & Bonnie Bell                      John & Elizabeth Farwell

John Fratt                                                            Jim & Jane Hurley                            Kent & Susan Miller

George & Shereda Blankenship                 Gary & Shirley Carlson                   Jack & Sandy Sinton

Maurice & Sidney Caba                                 Chuck & Judy Kampmann             Frank & Barbara Brocker

Tim & Rene Finnegan                                     Rod & Gail Juranek                          Terry & Carol Thomas

Michael & Lorrie Mitchell                              Kenneth & Susan Hamilton          Larry Winkelman

Yutani Family Trust                                          Douglas & Victoria Doerfler         Mike & Cindy Jensen

Bi-Mart Corporation                                       Brian & Valerie Britton                   John & Kim Rogers

Dick & Marianne Arnold                                Paul & Sue Revere                           Joe & Teresa Schneider

Paul & Liz Haberman                                       Barbara & Gentry Wade                Marlene & David Guasco

Jim & Louise Wilson                                        Bill Taylor                                             Jim & Mitzi Putney

Kelly Young                                                         Phil & Andi Northcote                    Joan Stafford Haynes

Ronald & Diedre Lemp                                   Laurence & Barbara Stith              Tom & Claire Ped

Michael J. Ranieri                                             Willard & Deborah Scherrer         Kimberly & Steven Spina

Bruch & Martha Rhine                                   David & Rebecca Wilkins               4 Seasons Recreational Outfitters

Newport Avenue Market                             Lyle C. Yeck                                         Columbia Distributing


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