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What’s in Store at La Pine ReStore

What’s in Store at La Pine ReStore?

By T. Myers

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The holidays are over and the New Year has begun and now is exactly the right time to think about how you can support our local La Pine ReStore! You can shop and save or donate and clear out excess items from your own home that help others. You can also find out anything you would like to know about Newberry Habitat for Humanity. There are application forms for housing and information packets about Habitat for Humanity!

If you don’t know about the wonderful opportunities to save money by purchasing gently used and new items at the  La Pine ReStore, you should drop in and take a look at least once a month (I go every week because there are so many new items every week that I don’t want to miss an opportunity to get a good deal.)  So, you can make lists of things you need for your household repairs, your remodeling and renovating projects and even a list of items that you don’t use or won’t use that you can donate to the store for inventory!

Each week you can find great bargains. The word sale does not even explain the cost savings you can get at La Pine ReStore! And, every week is a different sale. This past week there has been a sale on chairs. Beautiful side chairs for $5.00. With the modern trend to surround your dining tables with a mixture of different chairs- this might be the time to get what you need. You can always put a chair in each bedroom, or by that computer desk you want to get ready to work at or maybe you could put a few in the garage for when you have those extra guests.

When it comes to giving back to your local community, know that the La Pine ReStore is always looking for donations of any kind of items that can be used by customers to replace, repair or rebuild their renovating projects at home. Major appliances are in high demand and furniture is welcome. Building supplies of any kind are highly valued items for ReStore.

But here is something that ReStore does that is very helpful and special: If you call Rolando Alonzo, (541-536-3234) the store manager, he will make an appointment to have a crew of his volunteers come to your home or shop and take down the old cabinets you are ready to replace and haul them to the ReStore for resale. ReStore will help you get your donations to the store if you need help.

Reduce, reuse and recycle! It is the way to stay green in the new year and show that you care about the earth by making usable items ‘pay it forward’.            For information go to our local Website or stop into the ReStore to take a look, become a volunteer or sign up to qualify for one of the Habitat homes. ReStore is waiting to help you!

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